My Surnames


Immigrated from Germany to Philadelphia, PA in the mid 1800s.


Immigrated from Germany to Philadelphia, PA circa 1890.

Pound (Pfund):

Swiss-German immigrants into the Orangeburgh District, SC per-Revolutionary War.


Progenitor Evan Cain, Sr. resided in Bladen County, NC in circa 1793.


Appling County, Georgia, circa 1800.


Jonathan Russ of Bladen County, NC.


Alleged Scottish immigrant Thomas of the McKinlock clan circa 1770s.

Hallman (Holman/Heilman):

Immigrated to SC via PA mid 1700s.


Family lore says Anthony Brisson's mother was a Russ who married a French Naval officer who came over around the same time as LaFayette. Many claim his father was Charles-Fran├žois, chevalier Du Buysson des Aix (1752-1786), but as this man had a family in France he returned to, this is highly suspect.


  1. Kristen, hello. My name is Dean Carter. I am a direct male descendant of LTC. Charles Francois Du Buysson, the father of Anthony Brisson. My mother was born in Bladenboro, NC to a branch of the Davis family. Should you be interested to learn more about LTC. Du Buysson, feel free to email me at

  2. Du Buysson was born 1752 in Moulin, Bouvarais, France, and died in 1786 in Moulins, France. He had married Huldah Russ, daughter of William Russ and Ann Wood. She was born 1755 in South Carolina, and died Aft. 1790 in South Carolina. It is not clear if she went back to France with him for a short time (Accompanied by their son, Anthony), or stayed in America. Anthony did later marry a girl from Bladen County (He had been given his Fathers land grant awarded for service to the Continetal Army...the present site is current day Bladenboro High School...), her name was Comfort Hester. He anglizized his surname to "Brisson". They had at least 9 children, 4 boys...5 girls....out of which my paternal great grandmother, Katherine Lola White-Davis is descended.

  3. Here is a link that may help, written by my 2nd cousin, Dr. Henry Singletary, Ph.d (Geology) of Bladenboro, NC. (Also, my surname, Carter, is not Dad's family is from western Kentucky.)

    1. There is other evidence that claims Du Buysson had a wife and child in France;p=charles+francois;n=du+buysson

      There is also other information that claims Du Buysson died in 1786, before Anthony Brisson was born, although this is a wikipedia page and not trustworthy since it is readily edited.

      As a family member, I have decided to not "rock the boat", because I know a lot of people are confident of the connection and family is more important. I have plenty of other lines to pursue!

      As a professional genealogist, however, the evidence does not match up, and the genealogical proof standard has not been met.

      I have previously read the information provided by Henry Singletary, but given the lack of supporting documentation, and the fact that it is composed of primarily anecdotal information, a sound genealogical proof cannot be built utilizing it.

      My family resided in Bladenboro through my mother, who moved to Charlotte as a teen. I am related to the Russ family twice over in that line - Anthony Brisson's granddaughter married a Russ. Anthony Brisson was my great great great great great grandfather.

      At some point in my life I am sure I will get to France, and I will likely then research Du Buysson's life there, but until then, for my purposes, this line is at a brickwall. There are too many holes.

  4. Hi Kristen! I am ecstatic to have found your blog and see that someone shares my distrust of the DuBuyson link. Having spent hours at the Family History Museum in Salt Lake City, I concur with your information about his date of death and family in France. Just doesn't match up.

    There is however a Captain Robert Brisson who was a privateer at that time, commanding the schooner Jenny in 1775, the sloop Concord in 1777, and the Felicite in 1779. Beaumarchais also made him second in command on another ship as payment for his assistance in the Revolution. I just can't place him in Waltham, Massachusetts at the time of Anthony Brisson's birth.

    I am in Paris once a week as a flight attendant. Would love to do your legwork and discover our French connection! Just give me guidance where to look, and I'm your woman!

    Again, thank you thank you thank you for your interest in this bloodline, as I am a Brisson on 2 sides of my family!

  5. Very Interesting... My mother (Eva Benson) was born in Bladen to Joseph Benson and Esther Everest. She always said that she was descended from French nobility, but we always took that with a grain of salt. However, she also said that she was a descendant of pirates who sailed the waters around Okracoke.... Makes me wonder if might be Robert Brisson - the privateer!

  6. Hello Skybird! Is your mother a Brisson? Can you elaborate on her story or does she have other stories about the pirates? I'm writing a book on Captain Brisson and would love contributions!