Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Volunteer Genealogy

I just finished another pro bono report for a client. He told me, “You have done more than what you've agreed. This is great.”

There is something very rewarding about helping someone resolve a problem they have been struggling with for so long.

While I wasn’t able to draw any decisive conclusions (courthouse fires – Ugh!), I certainly believe I was able analyze what data is currently available and draw a reasonable, well thought out conclusion as to the most likely parentage for this particular gentleman. I was also able to locate some records that they hadn’t seen before, and make recommendations as to other avenues of research they might consider.

Of course, with each of the pro bono cases I have worked on I have found myself so engaged in the project that I went beyond the allotted time. Well, it’s good practice, good customer service, and quite frankly – enjoyable!

Have you ever found yourself so caught up on in someone else’s work that you forgot your own?

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